How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 While Studying Overseas
来源:Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Severe challenges remain in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. As the new school year is drawing near, we have some tips for students to protect themselves from COVID-19 while studying overseas.

Before Travel

1. Check the information on your transfer flights and make sure you understand the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the destination country in advance. Take the COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test and have other documents ready in advance to avoid unwanted risks from crowds.

2. Prepare sufficient disposal medical masks (comply with YY/T 0969 standard), surgical masks (comply with YY0469 standard) or other advanced levels of protective masks (comply with GB2626 and GB 19083 standards) that fit your face shape best. Bring sanitizing wipes with you to clean your hands.

During Travel

1. If conditions permit, try not to sit right next to other passengers. Try to avoid gatherings during your travel and wear your mask all the time.

2. Before taking your seat, clean the seat armrest, the handle, the seatbelt buckle and other public surfaces with your sanitizing wipes. After adjusting your seat, consider cleaning your hands.

3. Try to minimize your drinking and eating time. Before and after putting on/taking off your mask, or before eating, remember to clean your hands. If conditions permit, consider wearing a new mask after eating.

4. Sanitize your hands before putting on a mask. Wear your mask properly to make sure it covers your nose and chin, and mold the nose clip along the bridge of your nose. Check the airtightness. Replace the mask immediately when it gets dirty, deformed, damaged or smelly. The cumulative wearing time of each mask should not be longer than 8 hours.

5. Keep your hands clean during your trip. Do not use uncleaned hands to take food or to touch your mouth, nose and eyes.

Arrive at Destination

1. Double-check to see if you are wearing the mask properly. Keep social distance. Get your entry, quarantine and other documents ready in advance.

2. Avoid taking public transportation. Consider scheduling a ride in advance.

3. Put your used masks into a prepared self-sealing bag and dispose of them according to the local requirements after arriving at your destination.

4. Enhance ventilation when you are at home. Make sure to clean and disinfect your home properly and be careful about personal hygiene. Monitor your health. When going out, wear a mask and protect yourself properly. Wash your hands often. Keep a safe social distance. Avoid going to crowded places or joining gathering events like parties and dinners.