Q&A on the Use of Health Kit
来源:Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government
01 What is Health Kit? Why should I use it?

The mini-program Health Kit (Jiankang Bao) is a tool that provides the COVID-19-related health status of foreign nationals during the period of COVID-19 prevention and control. The query result serves as a reference for assessing one’s fitness for resuming work and production and going to public places, etc.

02 How to use the Health Kit? 

You can type in “Health Kit” in the search bar of WeChat or Alipay, click to access the mini-program, and select the language (Chinese or English). As a first-time user, you need to enter your name and passport number, take a photo of the key information page of your passport and upload it, and then you can check your health status.

For the sake of verification, when you use the Health Kit, the information uploaded should be consistent with the photo page of the passport you used when entering China.

03 Can I check health status on behalf of others on Health Kit?

Yes. Health Kit has a feature entitled “query on others”. When you log in, enter the name and passport number of that person, take a photo of the key information page of his or her passport and upload it to the mini-program to get the result. Each person can check health status on behalf of four other people at most.

04 How to edit my personal information or replace my passport photo on Health Kit?

You can directly check your current health status information by logging in the mini-program. There is no need to re-submit information or re-take a photo. You need to re-log in to edit your personal information and retake your passport photo.

05 My English name is too long to fill in the name column. Do I need to enter my middle name?

The name entered in the name column on Health Kit should be the same as the name on the passport you used when entering China. Currently, a maximum of 30 letters are allowed in the name column.

06  What is the difference between different color codes of Health Kit?

The Health Kit mini-program enables you to learn about your health status. After entering name, passport number, taking and uploading the photo of the passport with key personal information, you can learn about your health status, which is shown by the color of red, yellow or green. The details are as follows:

1. The red code (observation at a designated place) indicates that you need to be placed under medical observation in isolation at a designated place.

2. The yellow code (home observation) indicates that you need to be placed under medical observation in isolation at home.

3. The green code (no abnormal conditions) indicates that according to the current data and information on the COVID-19 prevention and control, you have no abnormal health conditions.

You can click the Question Mark on the right side of the query result page of the mini-program to get detailed explanations and relevant contact information.

Data and information on the epidemic prevention and control will be updated on a timely basis as the situation evolves, and the result of the query does not mean you are free from the risk of infection. Even if you have a green code, you should still take protective measures, refrain from going to public gatherings and parties, and wear masks in public places.

07 I am neither a COVID-19 confirmed case nor a close contact. Why is it that the Health Kit shows a red code (quarantine at a designated place) for me?

It means you need to be placed under medical observation at a designated place, probably because it determined you have a high exposure risk or you have a travel history of entering China within the past 14 days. 

08 I am under quarantine at a designated place, but I am in good health condition. What should I do to get a normal code on the Health Kit?

Upon verification by the competent authorities, your registered health status will be updated upon your completion of quarantine as required by the relevant Beijing municipal regulations. 

09 My Health Kit code has been green all along. Why does it suddenly indicate that the system is currently unable to confirm my registered health status? 

This is because that your recent travel into or out of Beijing triggers the need for quarantine at a designated place. Please contact your residential community immediately to fulfill your COVID-19 control obligations. 

10 Can I go out freely in Beijing if I get a green code on Health Kit?

A green health code on Health Kit indicates your health status during the COVID-19 prevention and control period. You still need to comply with the relevant municipal regulations on epidemic control and management requirements when going to public areas such as residential communities, parks, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets and hotels. 

11 Are there any consequences for providing false information?

After you enter the “Health Kit” page and select the language, a statement will pop up, indicating that municipal epidemic prevention policies strictly prohibit providing false information or concealing relevant information. Please comply with these polices. Anyone who provides false information or conceals relevant information shall be held accountable by the competent authorities in accordance with the law.

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