Highlights of the Report to the 13th Beijing Municipal Congress of the Communist Party of China


The theme of the Congress


Hold high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, redouble efforts to promote the development of Beijing as the capital of the nation in the new era, and strive to lead the country in basically achieving socialist modernization.


Our work in the past five years


We have kept in mind Beijing's strategic role as China's capital and continuously strengthened this role of the city.


We have made greater headway in pursuing coordinated Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development by relocating functions non-essential to Beijing's role as the capital.

● 成为全国第一个减量发展的超大城市

Beijing has become the first super-large city in China that has achieved growth with reduced input.


Development of the Beijing Municipal Administrative Center (BMC) has been advanced in a well-planned way. We have fully supported the development of the Xiong'an New Area in Hebei Province.


Guided by the new development philosophy, we have taken solid steps to pursue high-quality development.

● 数字经济增加值占地区生产总值比重超四成

The added value of the digital economy now accounts for over 40% of the city's total Gross Regional Product (GRP).

● 全市地区生产总值先后跨越两个万亿台阶、突破4万亿元

The city's GRP tops four trillion yuan after passing the second and the third trillion-yuan marks in succession.


We have steadily advanced socialist democracy and rule of law by practicing the whole-process people's democracy.

● 法治中国首善之区建设持续深化

Progress has been made in turning Beijing into a pacesetter of rule of law in China.


We have significantly improved the eco-environment by making massive conservation efforts.

● 空气质量首次全面达标

The air quality in Beijing has met all the standards for the first time.

● 国考劣V类断面全面消除

The quality of cross-sections of water bodies is above Class V in the national surface water assessment.

● 密云水库蓄水量创历史新高

The volume of water in the Miyun Reservoir has reached an all-time high.

● 国家植物园正式挂牌

China Botanical Garden was officially opened.


We have improved urban management with meticulous efforts, meeting the expectations of our people.

● 打造了一批“有里有面”的精品街巷

We have upgraded a number of streets and alleys in both interior and exterior.

● 生活垃圾分类成为新风尚,党建引领物业管理体系基本形成

Waste sorting has become a public practice, and the Party-led property management system has taken initial shape.


We have deepened reform and opening-up, thus instilling greater momentum and vitality into Beijing's development.

● 营商环境走在全国前列

Beijing became a national pacesetter in improving business environment.

● 北京证券交易所顺利开市

The Beijing Stock Exchange was established and began trading.

● 中关村论坛、金融街论坛成为国家开放发展的重要平台

The Zhongguancun Forum and the Financial Street Forum have become major platforms for China's opening-up and development.


We have continuously improved people's well-being, and our people are more satisfied with their lives.

● 创新开展吹哨报到、接诉即办,并向主动治理深化

We have put in place an innovative mechanism of giving quick answers to calls made by residents and swift response to public complaints, and become more proactive in solving problems.

● 一大批群众身边的操心事、烦心事、揪心事得到解决

A large number of public concerns have been addressed.


We have made every effort to guard against various risks and meet challenges, thus maintaining social harmony and stability in the capital.

● 群众安全感创历史最好水平

Our people feel safer and more secure than in the past.


We have fulfilled the political responsibilities of ensuring that the Party supervises its conduct and enforces strict self-discipline, thus continuously strengthening Party discipline.


We have delivered quality services to a series of major events, including celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China and celebrations of the centenary of the Communist Party of China.


We presented the world with an unparalleled Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and Beijing has thus become the first and the only city in the world that has hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics.


We have made every effort to battle Covid-19. We have remained firm in implementing the swift Covid-19 clearance policy and prevailed over multiple waves of cluster cases.


What we have learned from the past five years

● 必须牢记看北京首先要从政治上看

We must bear in mind that Beijing is judged first and foremost by its political stance.

● 必须牢固坚守首都城市战略定位,坚持把“四个中心”“四个服务”作为引领城市发展的定向标

We must keep in mind the strategic status of Beijing as China's capital and develop the city according to its role as the four centers that delivers four services.

● 必须把新发展理念贯穿到首都发展各领域和全过程

We must apply the new development philosophy to all areas throughout the capital's development.

● 必须大力推进高水平改革开放

We must promote high-standard reform and opening-up.

● 必须始终把人民对美好生活的向往作为奋斗目标

We must strive to meet people's expectations for a better life.

● 必须坚持稳中求进总基调

We must act on the general principle of making progress while ensuring a steady performance.

● 必须坚持党要管党、全面从严治党

We must see that the Party exercises effective self-supervision and strict self-discipline in every respect.


Beijing's development in the new era


The fundamental task facing us on the new journey is to boost Beijing's development in the new era.


Development goals for the next five years


Further strengthen Beijing's strategic role as the four centers;

Make new headway in building Beijing into a world-class cosmopolis that is harmonious and livable;

Steadily advance Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development;

Further enhance Beijing's overall strength and competitiveness;

Improve Beijing's overall living environment;

Make new progress toward common prosperity; and 

Lay a solid foundation for Beijing to lead the country in basically achieving socialist modernization.

● 首都功能显著提升

Enhance the functions of Beijing as the capital city

● 经济发展质量显著提升

Improve economic performance

● 京津冀协同发展水平显著提升

Promote Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development

● 民生福祉显著提升

Improve people's well-being

● 生态文明显著提升

Strengthen ecological conservation

● 首都治理能力显著提升

Raise the governance capacity of Beijing as the capital

● 党的建设水平显著提升

Strengthen the Party


Major tasks for the next five years


Strengthening the functions of four centers of Beijing and improving its four services in keeping with its strategic position as China's capital


Embracing China's new development dynamics and facilitating them to pursue high-quality economic development

● 培育更多独角兽、“专精特新”企业和智能制造标杆工厂

We will foster more unicorn companies, specialized, high-end and innovation-driven businesses that provide distinctive products or services and benchmark factories in smart manufacturing.

● 建设数字贸易港、城市超级算力中心,办好国际大数据交易所

We will build a digital trade port, establish super-computing centers for the city and develop the Beijing International Big Data Exchange to a high standard.

● 打造一流国际航空“双枢纽” 

We will build the Beijing Capital International Airport and the Beijing Daxing International Airport into world-class aviation hubs.


Advancing coordinated development between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei through relocation of functions non-essential to Beijing's role as the capital

● 全面创建基本无违法建设区

We will see that districts in Beijing are generally free of illegal buildings.

● 推动城市副中心框架基本成型,推进环球主题公园二三期工程

We will strive to complete the basic framework of the BMC and advance Phase II and III of the Universal Beijing Resort.

● 构建现代化首都都市圈

We will develop a modern metropolitan area for greater Beijing.

● 做好后冬奥文章

We will fully tap the Olympic legacy.


Acting on the people-centered development philosophy, ensuring and improving people's well-being at a higher level

● 促进优质医疗资源均衡布局

Quality medical resources will be more evenly distributed.

● 逐步扩大中等收入群体规模

We will gradually expand the middle-income group.

● 坚持不懈抓好常态化疫情防控

We will spare no effort to conduct Covid-19 control on a regular basis.

● 深化接诉即办改革

We will deepen reform to ensure the performance of the mechanism of giving swift response to public complaints.


Pursuing green development and improving the ecological environment

● 推进产业结构绿色低碳转型

We will make economic sectors green and low-carbon.

● 协同控制PM2.5和臭氧污染

We will control both PM 2.5 and ozone pollution.

● 除核心区外各区全部创建国家森林城市

We will see that all districts, except the core zone, will meet the national forest city standards.


Advancing socialist democracy and leading the country in practicing the rule of law


Developing a good understanding of how to govern a super-large city and continuously modernizing the governance of Beijing

● 持续开展城市体检评估

Regular checkups and evaluations of the city's infrastructure will continue.

● 加强城市基础设施建设

We will upgrade the city's infrastructure.

● 用好“朝阳群众”“西城大妈”等群众力量

Voluntary public order supervisors will be fully mobilized.


Ensuring both development and security and resolutely safeguarding security and stability of Beijing


Party leadership


Strengthening Party leadership over work in all areas in Beijing and exercising full and strict self-discipline over Party organizations


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