2023 Consular Protection Sitcom Competition Finals Wrap Up
Date: 2023-09-30
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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The finals of the Consular Protection Sitcom Competition, titled “Motherland Backing you Up 2023” were held on September 27, 2023. This competition was co-hosted by Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, Capital Civic Enhancement Committee Office, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Beijing Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, and the CYL Beijing Committee, under the guidance of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Prize-Winning Entry “A Special Lesson”

On the occasion of the release of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Consular Protection and Assistance, Beijing Foreign Affairs Office has stepped up its efforts to promote consular protection. By creating enlightening, aesthetically pleasing, and audience-friendly sitcoms, it aims to share the heartwarming stories of consular protection and the duties of consular officials. This will enable the general public and organizations to gain a better understanding of consular protection. Moreover, this approach will ensure that the knowledge of consular protection and overseas safety is practical, easily comprehensible, memorable, and easy to learn.


Prize-Winning Entry “A Safe Night”

Since its launch on May 12, the competition has garnered widespread attention from various sectors, involving universities, enterprises, public institutions, civil societies, and individuals both in and outside Beijing. Following several rounds of competition and a thorough review by the jury, six entries advanced to the finals. Focusing on the latest development trends and current hot issues, these entries covered a broad range of subjects including consular assistance, overseas emergency response, overseas rescue, foreign-related security, and fraud prevention and anti-fraud measures, demonstrating diverse overseas risks and response measures.


Prize-Winning Entry “Just Deceive You”

Experts in overseas safety and performance were invited to provide personalized and comprehensive guidance to assist the finalists in choreographing their presentations. During the finals, the six teams devoted themselves and delivered outstanding performances. The audience was touched by the characters' experiences of bitterness, happiness, sadness and joy in the sitcoms. Simultaneously, they gained a more direct understanding of China’s commitment as a responsible major country, with the motherland standing behind them wherever they go.


Prize-Winning Entry “Invincible Umbrella”

The contestants expressed that their participation in the competition has turned them into experts in the field of consular protection. They are committed to working hard and producing more exceptional works in the future, with the aim of inspiring more individuals to contribute to the promotion of consular protection.


Prize-Winning Entry “The Journey Back is Far while the Motherland Stands Near”

The interviewed audience said that the sitcom serves as an effective tool for promoting consular protection. While being captivated by the performances, they would unconsciously acquire general knowledge about overseas safety and become more confident and determined to venture abroad.


Consular protection in Beijing ensures your safety. Going forward, in response to new situations, tasks and requirements, Beijing Foreign Affairs Office will continue to mobilize the whole society to promote consular protection. Efforts will be made to improve work effectiveness, extend its services to a wider audience to meet their needs. In addition to in-depth and meticulous work, the Office will safeguard Beijing citizens and businesses abroad through an innovative thematic series of activities on consular protection, such as the Consular Protection Sitcom Competition, Consular Protection for All Campaign, and Consular Protection Lecture.