Ensure Safe Travel with Consular Protection 2023 Consular Protection Training Camp Program Wraps Up
Date: 2023-08-27
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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The Beijing Foreign Affairs Office has launched a Consular Protection Training Camp for students, business employees, and citizens who plan to travel abroad. This program is held under the initiative of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and aims to prevent risks that may arise in today’s international climate. The program includes a series of practical and result-oriented courses to equip participants with adequate knowledge of consular protection, thereby allowing them to be more aware of and better prepared for security risks and emergencies that may occur during their stay abroad.

For students: ensure safe study abroad

As part of the program, experts were invited to the summer camp at the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University in Pinggu District and interacted with teachers and students on the topic of safe study abroad. The experts share with students on how to mentally adapt to their life abroad, how to deal with assaults and emergencies, and how to respond to other common challenges, providing students with a lively lesson before they set off their journey.


For companies: empower business growth

Recognizing the need for companies to grow safely overseas, experts taught employees on travel security, risk management, outpost management, and other common issues. Through immersive interactions and case studies, participants learned how to respond to violent incidents, became more aware of the risks and hazards of working abroad, and acquired practical skills to manage risks.


For citizens: focus on their needs

Recently, outbound group travel is rebounding rapidly, with the number of destination countries increasing to 138. To help outbound visitors better protect themselves, experts visited communities to teach residents first aid and emergency response, self-defense skills, and international etiquette, and answer their questions to ensure that all residents can fare safely while traveling abroad.


Going forward, under the overall requirements of of "Understanding Key Thoughts, Enhancing Party Conduct, Prioritizing Practice, and Achieving New Results", the Beijing Foreign Affairs Office will continue to prioritize risk prevention and enhance preventive consular protection. With such efforts, the Office hopes to raise public awareness of consular protection, ensure safe journeys for citizens, and support institutions in overseas development.