Consular Protection Lectures Held Helping Enterprises Ensure Safety Abroad
Date: 2023-06-28
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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To provide enterprises with consular protection services catering to their needs, the Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, in collaboration with district foreign affairs offices, held several consular protection events in enterprise parks, providing strong support for enterprises expanding overseas.

Into Miyun District: Answering Questions for Enterprises

Focusing on the challenges, sticking points, and prominent demands encountered by enterprises when conducting business overseas, the Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, in collaboration with the Foreign Affairs Office of Miyun District, organized lectures themed “Risk Control and Crisis Response for Overseas Personnel” for nearly 30 foreign trade enterprises in the district. Experts were invited to provide detailed explanations on the importance and principles of managing risks associated with overseas personnel, covering aspects such as personal safety, contractual agreements, and compliance with rules and regulations. In addition, they provided rational solutions to the potential problems of different types of enterprises in overseas trade, international travel, and personnel management, and also handled queries on-site, assisting enterprises in promoting international exchanges and cooperation.


Into Pinggu: Helping Businesses Ensure Safety during Trips Overseas

The Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, together with the Foreign Affairs Office of Pinggu District, delivered a lecture on the safety of overseas business trips to 24 enterprises at the Liando U Valley Park. Experts in overseas security focused on the theme of “Safe Trips”, and presented real-life overseas environments and risks by combining actual cases from various aspects, including public safety, criminal activities, and terrorist attacks. Through participating in interactive simulations of critical situations, participants can increase their awareness of risk prevention and enhance their capacity to effectively respond to emergencies.


Acting on the principle of “foreign affairs for the people”, Beijing Foreign Affairs Office will continue to respond to the calls and requests of the people, and make every effort to fulfill their needs. The Office will continue to implement the outcome of the systematic promotion and education efforts on consular protection, and enhance the quality and efficacy of consular protection services, thus contributing to Beijing’s high-quality development.