Tailored Services and Measures for Safety -- Beijing Consular Protection Lectures for Companies
Date: 2023-03-27
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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In March 2023, Beijing Foreign Affairs Office organized a series of consular protection lectures at three companies – Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd., Beijing Branch; BroadenBio Co., Ltd.; and Beijing Jingwuwei Insurance Service Co., Ltd. The aim of these lectures was to help Chinese companies expand overseas while ensuring their safety. By communicating with the companies in advance to understand their specific needs, customized services and safety tips were provided.


Tips for mental health

Experts from the Key Lab of Mental Health of the Chinese Academy of Sciences explained how to release emotional stress and build a positive mindset. The aim was to help foreign-based employees tackle any latent mental health issues they may be facing.

Responses to overseas risks

During the consular protection lectures, overseas security experts conducted drills on how to react to possible burglaries, robberies, shootings, and other emergencies.

The drills followed the principle of "usable, feasible, and reliable". Participants widely praised the drills for their practicality and effectiveness.


Measures to ensure safety

To bolster the safety of the company's overseas operations, overseas safety education experts have provided employees with general knowledge of overseas safety risks. They also provided information on how to identify, prevent, and manage such risks.

In line with the "people-centered diplomacy" philosophy, Beijing Foreign Affairs Office will continue to deliver tailored consular assistance to enterprises, organizations, and citizens across the city. This assistance will be provided via such forms as consular protection lectures, the "Consular Protection for All" series of activities, and a structured consular protection system.