First-Ever! Beijing Releases Result of Systematic Popularization and Education on Consular Protection
Date: 2023-03-23
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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Beijing released the results of systematic popularization and education on consular protection on March 17.


The Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, with support and guidance from the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has taken the lead in carrying out systematic popularization and education on consular protection nationwide to help address difficulties at the community level, such as lack of teachers, teaching materials, and methods. Now, a "3+N" system has been established. The "3" refers to a high-level teacher pool composed of more than 40 experts in seven fields including consular protection, culture, law, and psychology, a professional, targeted, and universal "Consular Protection Education System Standardized Syllabus", as well as a collection of typical consular protection cases for reference in recent years; the "N" refers to a series of supporting educational products including "Overseas Student Safety Manual".

The innovative, exemplary, and pragmatic system provides more tools for authorities in various districts to conduct preventive consular protection. It provides integrated and targeted services for consular protection popularization and education throughout Beijing and has been well received and recognized by all districts and institutions.


Thanks to these efforts, the difficulties in consular protection popularization and education at the community level have been addressed. In the future, the system will be widely used in related activities, said a staff member from the Foreign Affairs Office of Xicheng District Government.

An official from the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission said that having safety-related knowledge before departure can improve students' awareness and ability to prevent risks, which is significant for ensuring their safety while studying abroad.

The textbooks and courseware with vivid and detailed content provided professional, specific, and comprehensive consular protection knowledge for teachers and students, which greatly enhanced the safety awareness of overseas students and helped them adapt to learning and life abroad more effectively, said a person from Beijing Royal School.

At the launch ceremony, letters of appointment were issued to representatives of the teaching team, and the Consular Protection Education Teacher Pool was officially established.


Star & Moon Art Troupe from Xicheng District performed the play The Faraway Home, an award-winning work of The Motherland Backing You Up 2022 Consular Protection Sitcom Competition.


Going forward, the Office will work with all districts and institutions to promote the application of such achievements and integrate the system into activities such as Consular Protection for All, Consular Protection Lectures, and Consular Protection Sitcom Competitions. Such efforts aim to provide more methods and content of consular protection popularization and education for all districts and institutions, consolidate the achievements at all levels and aspects, thus ensuring the safety of the people and organizations when they are overseas.