Consular Protection Brings You a Safe New Year -- "Consular Protection for All" Series Activities Wrap Up
Date: 2023-01-20
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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Consular Protection Brings You a Safe New Year. At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the "Consular Protection for All" series of activities organized by the Beijing Foreign Affairs Office were launched to ensure the residents have a safe and happy Spring Festival.

The theme of the series of activities was "Beijing Consular Protection Helps You Stay Safe". Following the decision to manage Covid-19 with measures against Class B infectious diseases, the Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, in response to citizens' new needs for consular services, has made efforts to raise people’s awareness about consular services and reminded everyone to plan their trips well and protect themselves to have a safe and healthy trip.

Simulation experience is the best teacher

The Consular Open Day, held on January 8 at the Beijing Public Safety Experience Hall in Shunyi District, was open to citizens who are about to make outbound trips. They will experience simulated scenes such as a Category 10 hurricane, slow descent, and simulated vehicle wading. Through simulation experiences such as seismic escape, keeping safe during a fire, and emergency drills, the participants can be better prepared for potential overseas hazards, thus enhancing their skills and risk awareness.


Consular officials send their blessings

The series of activities were held from January 10 to 16 in Gaojinglu Community in Shijingshan District, Haidianlu Community in Haidian District, Xisibei Santiao Community in Xicheng District, and Kangdu Jiayuan Community in Chaoyang District. Experts were brought in to explain the similarities and differences between traditional Chinese cultural customs and foreign cultures. Festival greetings were sent to residents through activities such as DIY Tuye (a traditional Chinese rabbit deity figure).

Gaojinglu Community, Shijingshan District                   Haidianlu Community, Haidian District

Xisibei Santiao Community, Xicheng District            Kangdu Jiayuan Community, Chaoyang District

Consular salons are available

On January 11, Consular Salons took place in cafes and other cultural facilities, where experts in overseas security shared their experiences of living abroad and their knowledge of overseas security. Citizens learned in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by the aroma of coffee.