2022 Consular Protection Sitcom Competition Finals Wrap Up with Six Entries Winning Prizes
Date: 2022-12-31
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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The finals of the Motherland Backing You Up 2022 Consular Protection Sitcom Competition were held both online and offline on December 27, 2022.


The competition is co-hosted by Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, Capital Civic Enhancement Committee Office, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and Beijing Overseas Chinese Affairs Office under the guidance of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With the theme of "Beijing Consular Officials Protect You Abroad", it aims to tell the touching stories of consular protection and the missions of consular officials through sitcoms that are enlightening, aesthetic, and audience-friendly, so that the general public and organizations can have a better understanding of consular protection work and are more aware and able to protect themselves abroad.


Wu Demin, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gives a Speech

Since its launch on July 29, the competition has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life, with participants from universities, enterprises, and civil societies, and individuals in and outside Beijing. After the review and screening by the jury, six entries got through to the finals, which covered a wide range of topics from consular protection and overseas rescue to fraud prevention and anti-fraud actions. Such lively, funny and heartwarming performances have showcased the essence of "Beijing Consular Officials Protect You Abroad".


Scenes of the Competition

Focusing on the topic to tell consular protection stories better. The finalists have found inspiration from the trend of the times and current events, ranging from consular assistance, foreign-related security, fraud prevention and anti-fraud actions, to COVID-19 containment. Full of twists and turns, these compelling and moving little stories, played by vivid characters, are the microcosms of stormy times.

Providing training to enhance performances. A panel of experts from various fields was invited to offer training in terms of professional knowledge, topic selection, script writing, performance skills, and stage effects, in order to help participants better comprehend what consular protection is all about, improve the teams' performance skills, and make the plays more attractive and appealing with stronger effects.

Overcoming difficulties to present the responsible image of consular officials. Despite the obstacles posed by COVID-19, the hosts, guests, judges and participants worked together to make the finals a success by various means, including online participation, remote review, and video recording. What they had done underpinned such a platform that promotes and showcases consular protection work, delivered fantastic shows to residents and overseas compatriots, and revealed the sense of responsibility of consular officials and advocates.


Winners Accept Awards

After intense competition and rigorous review, "CITIC Safeguards Chinese Nationals Abroad" by CITIC Bank Beijing Branch was unanimously awarded the first prize for its touching plot and wonderful performance by the entire jury; "The Home Afar" by Xingyue Art Troupe from Xicheng District and "The Eternal Signal" by Tiantan Subdistrict Office of Dongcheng District won second prizes; "Saviour from the East" by Jiang Tai Global Assistance Service Co., Ltd., "Return - Ransom" by Changziying Town People's Government of Daxing District, and "Fatal Call" by Sichuan International Studies University earned third prizes; Foreign Affairs Office of Xicheng District took the Outstanding Organization Award, and Sichuan International Studies University attained the Special Contribution Award.


According to contestants, the competition serves as a platform for demonstration, exchange and mutual growth. Thanks to the training by experts on consular protection knowledge and stage performance, they improved their scripts, performance skills and artistry of their works, laying the foundation for creating more and better plays in the future.

Audiences widely agreed that the fabulous performances and the warm stories enabled them to learn how to protect themselves while abroad, and enhanced their awareness of risk prevention and the significance of consular protection work. Inspired by the national pride and self-confidence arising from a strong China, they will always keep in mind that the motherland is behind them wherever they go.

Livestreamed through videos and photos on Yangshipin, Xinhua News Agency's Live Cloud,, iQiyi, Sina Weibo, and other media platforms, the competition had a viewership of over 5 million as of press time.