A Maximal Single Award of 100 Million Yuan--- 30 Policies Enacted to Support the Construction of the Free Trade Zone at the Beijing Economic Development Zone
Date: 2021-04-14
Source: Beijing Daily
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Recently, Beijing Economic Development Zone officially issued the First Batch of Industrial Policies for the Yizhuang Group at the High-end Industrial Zone of China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The reporter combed through this document and found that it subdivides into 30 policies, which specified the financial support of up to 10 to 100 million yuan for the four leading industries in Yizhuang in terms of major project landing, technology research and development, the transformation of achievements, and service platform construction.

The first batch of policies specify that the Yizhuang Group of the high-end industrial zone of the Beijing Pilot Free Trade Zone will continue to focus on the four leading industries of new-generation information technology, high-end automobiles and intelligent new energy vehicles, biotechnology and health, as well as robotics and intelligent manufacturing, improve the high-end service industry and the integrated industry of science and culture, pay more attention to the development of the digital economy, strive to build a "4+2+1" industrial system, and become an important bearer of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the high-quality development of Beijing.

The reporter was informed that the Policy was subdivided into 30 small policies regarding the contents of 7 major items that include creating a new generation information technology industry cluster with global influence, creating a core bearer of the development of the new energy and high-end automotive industry, creating a global leading industrial cluster of new-generation innovative medical health and services, creating a highland in the innovation and application of robotics and advanced intelligent equipment industry, fostering the competitive advantages of business and technology services, promoting the creative integration of science, technology and culture, as well as focusing on the digital economy development.

There are financial supports of up to 10 to 100 million RMB for the four leading industries in terms of the landing of major projects, technology research and development, transformation of achievements, and construction of service platforms. Among them, Beijing Economic Development Zone will focus on supporting more than 10 high-level demonstration projects on the application of new-generation information technology each year, giving up to 100 million yuan of financial support to promote the construction of a demonstration area for the major scenario application of the new-generation artificial intelligence. Besides, national laboratories, national technology innovation centers, national industrial innovation centers, and national manufacturing innovation centers will be given comprehensive support of up to 100 million yuan. The economic development zone will also offer up to 100 million yuan of innovation support to the leading enterprises of new energy and high-end automobile industries that drive the formation of 100-billion level industry clusters.

In the field of commercial finance and scientific and technological services, 500 million yuan of special funds for technological innovation will be set up annually to guide various types of talent to take root in Beijing Economic Development Zone, while supporting leading enterprises to build sharing carriers of key product resources, supporting the establishment of a regional level "Internet+" service cloud platform, and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the carrier to participate in the declaration of science and technology awards.

"The release of the Policy will further promote the construction of the Yizhuang Group, and with the ever increasing policy superposition effect, forge a strong momentum to promote the high-quality development of enterprises, promote the smooth flow of the double-circulation aorta, and eventually build the Yizhuang Group into a bearer for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, a gathering area for strategic emerging industries, a cluster of high-end international functional institutions, as well as a high-level opening-up platform for the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region." Said the relevant person in charge from the "Two Zones" Construction Office of the Beijing Economic Development Zone.

(Reporter Cao Zheng)