Beijing Finalized 13 Key Tasks of the "Two-Zone” Construction in the Aviation Services Field: The "Double Airport Economic Zones" will Become a New Engine for Regional Development
Date: 2021-04-12
Source: Beijing Daily
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The Beijing Municipal Commission of Development & Reform and other departments recently formulated the Work Program for Beijing’s “Two-zone” construction in the Aviation Services Field, which finalized 13 key tasks. The Beijing Municipal Commission of Development & Reform introduced that the city will  benchmark with the latest international and domestic practices, let the "double hubs" of Beijing Capital Airport and Beijing Daxing Airport set an example for others, and accelerate the construction of the "double airport economic zones" as a new engine for regional development.

“The Construction of the 'double airport economic zones' will help achieve development based on their distinct advantages and coordinated development." The officials from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development & Reform explained that the “Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone” will focus on the orderly development of scientific technology research and development, cross-border e-commerce, financial services and other high-end service industries. Meanwhile in the “Beijing Capital Airport Economic Demonstration Zone”, we will build an industrial cluster based on aviation services and general aviation, and with the support of international exhibitions cross-border e-commerce, cultural trade, emerging financial sectors and other high-end service industries.

At the same time, the city will also promote the development of characteristic industries in two comprehensive bonded zones, pushing forward the biomedical bonded research and development business in the comprehensive bonded zone of Daxing International Airport and launching an incubator project for biomedical research and development; Beijing will also use the policy advantages of the Tianzhu Comprehensive Bonded Zone to promote innovation in the management mode of trade in services and create a comprehensive bonded zone with the characteristics of trade in services.

To this end, the city will carry out integrated innovation supported by multi-zone policies, take advantage of the policies of the airport zone, the free trade zone and the comprehensive bonded zone in the airport economic zone, formulate the list of institutional innovations and create a policy highland. At the same time, Beijing will promote the initial stages of a number of major supporting projects, step up the phase-2 and phase-3 construction projects of the new venue of China International Exhibition Center according to high standards in order to build a well-functioning compact exhibition complex, and accelerate the construction planning of the international exhibition center in the Daxing International Airport economic zone.

The program disclosed that the city will accelerate the development of "double-hub" international aviation logistics. On the one hand, efforts will be made to coordinate the "double -hub" aviation logistics function layout and facility construction, formulate layout plans for the international aviation logistics industry, finish building a channel between the cargo area of Daxing International Airport and the comprehensive bonded zone, and construct a high-end logistic center.  On the other hand, the city will seek to improve the capacity and quality of air logistics services in the "double hubs", formulate policies to promote the development of air cargo, support the expansion of air freight rights, and enhance the transit capacity of international aviation hubs.

With regard to the "double-hub" port functions, Beijing will also promote the Tianzhu comprehensive bonded zone to expand whole car imports, parallel imports of cars and other import functions. Relying on advanced animal and plant inspection and quarantine facilities, measures will be taken to speed up the approval procedures at designated ports of Daxing International Airport, and formulate facilitation policies for cargo clearance at relevant ports.

Since passengers are increasingly concerned about international airline network resources, Beijing will work to distribute high-quality airline network resources. According to this introduction, the city will promote the expansion of air rights arrangements, including the fifth freedom of the air, at Beijing Capital Airport and Daxing Airport and strive to increase the early arrival rate of international flights at Beijing Daxing Airport to 20%, a high starting point for the development of international business, hence achieving the coordinated development of the "double hub".

According to the program, the city will also build an integrated innovative development platform for the aviation service industry, promote the building of a platform for international exchange and cooperation in aviation technology at Daxing District, create a national platform for airworthiness evaluation technology and an innovation center for civil aviation science and technology, and support Shunyi District in strengthening the construction of special functional platforms for aviation materials and culture. It will build a convenient and open international talent service platform, establish and improve the service mechanism for international aviation talents in Beijing, promote building an international talent introduction platform at Daxing, guide Shunyi District in building a talent innovation development platform, build an international community with distinct aviation and airlines characteristics, and create an environment familiar to expatriates .