Foreign Journalists Get a Closer Look at Advanced Technology and Future-Oriented Industries in Haidian District
Date: 2023-03-25
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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At the invitation of Beijing Foreign Affairs Office and Haidian District Government, 57 journalists from 50 countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Hungary, and India visited the Science Park of Zhong Guan Cun No.1 and the Zhongguancun Environmental Protection Park in Haidian District on March 21st. During their visit, foreign journalists learned about Beijing's sci-tech innovation and development environment, as well as its leading-edge technologies and future-oriented industries such as medicine and health, autonomous driving, and mobile Internet. After the visit, they will help promote the district with their reports, contributing to more investment and international business cooperation.

In the beautiful season of spring, foreign journalists came to the northern area of Zhongguancun Science City, a high-tech industrial hub. At the first stop, Naton Medical Group, they learned about the company's history, as well as its innovation achievements and international cooperation in fields like intelligent surgical devices, medical implants, and bio-based materials.

During the tour in the Science Park of Zhong Guan Cun No.1, foreign journalists learned about the construction progress, the outlook, and the overview of the intelligent park, which features a large central green area, a natural and comfortable work environment, and a cluster of cutting-edge hard technology industries. They all praised the fruitful sci-tech achievements and the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship here.

At the Zhongguancun Environmental Protection Park, they were briefed on the autonomous driving demonstration area in Zhongguancun, and QCraft and their autonomous driving products, and took a ride on their autonomous vehicles.


The trip also included a visit to Mi Home's global headquarters sited in the Xiaomi Mobile Internet Industrial Park, where they learnt about Xiaomi's 5G and AIoT-enabled smart products and smart home ecology, and experienced the convenience and joy brought by the application of smart home ecosystem.


Agnes, a journalist from Indonesia's Kompas, said that today's experience was truly unforgettable because she was able to gain an up-close understanding of Beijing's innovative technologies in areas such as medical technology and autonomous driving. The chance to try autonomous driving in person was especially amazing and meaningful.

Rao Abdul, an editor of Pakistan's The Express Tribune, said that "Today's journey is all about technology, and Beijing's economy is very dynamic, which is so attractive to investors. The city's development can be seen everywhere, with clustered industries, a beautiful environment, and rows of buildings. As a hub for high-tech industries, everything here is well organized and blends perfectly with nature, which is rare in other countries. So I hope to learn more about Beijing in the future."

A lot more journalists expressed that these technologies and products hold significant value, and they are more than happy to facilitate international cooperation between companies from both countries through their media channels.


This visit to Haidian marks the third event of the "Foreign Journalists Visit Beijing" series in 2023. The series event, planned by the Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, focuses on the capital's development in the new era, incorporation of the Five Key Initiatives into the new development paradigm, business environment improvement as well as the priorities of each district. By combining visits with immersive experiences, foreign journalists are invited to tour around Beijing and learn about its rapidly growing economic vitality, which creates a favorable external environment for economic recovery to support the city's high-quality development.