An International Science and Technology Park—The 5th Offline Themed Filming Event of the 2nd "Beijing · A Global City" Short Video Contest Kicks Off
Date: 2022-09-24
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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On September 20, the fifth offline filming event of the 2nd "Beijing · A Global City" Short Video Contest, an activity hosted by the Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and organized by CRI Online, kicked off at Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science and Technology Park and its international park in Haidian District. The event, themed "Deepening International Cooperation in Science, Technology, and Innovation, and Facilitating International Talent's Participation in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Beijing", was attended by nearly 20 foreign students from 12 countries studying at Beijing University of Technology and Beijing Technology and Business University.


By focusing on green, eco-friendly and circular development, Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science and Technology Park and its international park have achieved a deep integration of technology, eco-conservation, and service. Home to more than 340 enterprises, Dongsheng Science and Technology Park has become a "national-level tech company incubator". As Beijing implements policies and measures to build world-class new-type R&D institutions, the International Park has been committed to gathering global innovation talent and teams and focusing on developing cutting-edge technologies such as biomedicine, new materials, and artificial intelligence. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BI Norwegian Business School, and many other international innovation teams have already settled in the park.


The first thing that caught the eye as visitors walked into the park was the green grass, and lakes and wetlands dotted around the park. The campus-style detached buildings reminded people of their school life, and international students were especially interested in the chic jogging lanes, the football field, and the basketball courts.

In the Party Building Hall, international students learned about the history and the rapid development of the park in recent years. They were also very interested in the interactive brand wall made by Inno.EcoS, a company settled in the park, and they took group photos in front of the wall with the motto "Put the People at the Center".

At the B2-i station of the park, international students learned about various services for innovation and entrepreneurship that the station provides for talent and enterprises in the park. They were also attracted by and took photos with the three lovely mascots that embody love, precision, and hi-tech, the major features of the service provided by the park. In addition to meeting multi-tiered needs of different categories, with the support of its iYou Enterprise Service platform, the park can also provide basic, growth, public, and industrial services for companies that cover their growth at all stages.

The exhibition hall of smart agriculture displayed the intelligent environment control technology that ensures the stable growth of plants in different seasons. Thanks to the application of soilless culture technology, various vegetables and fruits originated in the southern areas have grown well, filling the hall with pleasant fragrance.

Founded in 2015, IDRIVERPLUS, an enterprise based in the park, is one of the earliest startups in China in the field of autonomous driving. Its founding team members are all from the Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University, and its core product is the autonomous driving brain. On the screen was the real-time information sent back from the sensors on the car model, whose precision and agility amazed the audience.


The international students also visited Agile Robots AG, a company dedicated to the R&D of intelligent robots, and O2VR, a tech company focused on metaverse technology. Agile Robots AG has headquarters in Munich, Germany and Beijing, China. The head of the company's Beijing headquarters introduced the company's robot brain, the research results of the robot operating system, and the applications in different scenarios. The head of O2VR introduced how to use the metaverse technology to realize real-time rendering and seamless nesting and demonstrated how the application of high-tech enabled extreme speed and 10X exquisite model.

When the filming event came to an end at dusk, the international students were still very excited. Having learned that since 2013, the park has held nine international entrepreneurship competitions and attracted more than 10,000 high-quality entrepreneurship projects at home and abroad, they inquired about the requirements and showed strong interest in taking part in the competition.

An international student from Yemen who is committed to green economy research said that he has been deeply impressed by what he saw in the park and that Beijing is setting a good example in developing green economy and circular economy.

An international student from Uzbekistan, who has a Chinese name as Dong Xinya, said that as a foreign national, she finds it convenient to study, work, and live here. As a new employee of Dongsheng, a highly international park in a global city, she has full confidence in the future.