"Foreign Journalists in Beijing" (Ⅲ) ——Visiting the Lively Museum & Experiencing the Capital’s Green Development
Date: 2022-10-02
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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On September 28, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality invited foreign journalists to visit the Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture (MCGALA), perceive the classical Chinese landscape architecture culture, and experience the capital's green development. Foreign journalists from over 60 countries across the world's main continents, who were currently engaged in cultural exchanges in Beijing, attended the event.

The Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture (MCGALA) is the first national museum of its kind on the theme of gardens in China. It combines indoor gardens with outdoor exhibition areas, boasts a comprehensive collection of characteristic historical garden relics, and displays the charm of garden art, thus hailed as "a museum with its own life".

When these foreign journalists entered the museum, a Chinese waterside pavilion with cloisters hove into sight, tinged with the style of classical gardens. In front of the pavilion lay several giant fish tanks, which directly caught visitors' eyes. Shafts of early autumn sunlight filtered in through lofty gable and hip roofs, illuminating the tall green wall. Hasnah, a Malaysian reporter, said  that the scenery here was so beautiful. Although there is much Chinese-style architecture in Malaysia, a museum like this with a garden inside is definitely something new for her.

Inside the museum are jagged rocks, quiet plants, a winding stream, and swimming koi. The museum showcases various classical Chinese architecture, ranging from Chang Yuan Garden to Pian Shi Rockery Garden of Yangzhou, from Half-Mu Mini-Garden to Tower Shadow Garden...Foreign journalists lingered around these pavilions, terraces, and open halls of Chinese style, strolled along time-chiseled trees and gorgeous flowers, and were immersed in picturesque scenery described in romantic Chinese poems and paintings, as if they were in a dream that is too good to be true.

Francisca, a reporter from Canal 6, Mexico (Multimedios Televisión), said that she was deeply impressed by this visit as she has been reading up Chinese poems recently. It is rather rare to see such pleasant greenery in a modern metropolis like Beijing. It is worthwhile to learn from such an example that Beijing sets in its rapid development.

Fareeza, the Chief Editor of Guyana's Press Office, said the visit enhanced her understanding of Beijing and that the architecture here was impressive. She and her colleagues have seen lots of modern infrastructure before, while they got the chance to experience traditional Chinese garden culture today, and she is more than willing to share what she has seen in Beijing with  people in Guyana.

Fyfy, a reporter from Forum Des As from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, said he could see that Beijing had turned into an eco-friendly city with more trees and parks with  endeavours of the Chinese government in this regard.

Velia, a commentator from La Nación of Costa Rica, said she was impressed by the gardens of Beijing after this visit. In this beautiful museum, she met many kids and had a wonderful time.