Beijing's People-to-People Diplomacy (VI): Women and Children
Date: 2023-03-19
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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Editor's Note: With grass growing and flowers budding in February, warm breeze and gentle sunshine ushers in the prime of Spring. In our previous articles posted in the Spring Festival, we celebrated the achievements in people-to-people diplomacy made by Beijing's social organizations, universities, enterprises, and national associations and chambers. The past three years have also witnessed other wonderful highlights in the fields of youth, women and children, trade promotion, and science and technology. Impressive results have been achieved through a series of activities that showcased the power of young people and the charisma of women, invigorated the economy, and demonstrated the apex of science and technology. Today, let's dive into these vivid stories and explore the exciting and diverse accomplishments of Beijing's people-to-people diplomacy.

With a focus on improving Beijing's role as a center for international exchanges, the Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) has fully leveraged the role of the city's women's organizations to connect, thereby boosting their global influence and effectively communicating Beijing's achievements in sharing the development of women and children with the world.

I. Share how Beijing has advanced human rights for women

Women's organizations have presented the progress China has made in advancing human rights for women and promoting women's development through the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


Video speech on women's human rights at the 45th UN Human Rights Council

From 2020 to 2022, female representatives from all walks of life in the capital have been selected to participate in the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) conference through video speeches, written reports, and other means in order to present the real and objective image of women's development in China and respond to global concerns. For example, they delivered keynote speeches on promoting women's development in ethnic minority regions at the 14th session of the UNHRC's Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Minority Issues. During the 47th session of the UNHRC, they co-hosted a side meeting on "Protecting Women's Rights and Promoting Quality Development" with the Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges and the Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation to promote gender equality and women's empowerment.

"Protecting Women's Rights and Promoting Quality Development" Side Meeting of 47th Session of the UNHRC

They shared how Beijing has been eliminating gender discrimination through education and technology at the 3rd and 4th Shanghai Cooperation Organization Women's Forum, the Russia-China Women's Symposium, and the Korea-China Women Leadership Forum. The "Bonding for Development" Webinar Between Women in the Capitals of Nepal and China was held to explore solutions to the challenges facing women's development and to promote friendship among women in the "Belt and Road" countries.

Webinar Between Women in the Capitals of Nepal and China

II. Create international exchange platforms to empower women in innovation and development

To consolidate Beijing's role as an international center for science and technology innovation, the "Women in Technology and Innovation Initiative" was launched as a platform for female science and technology talents to showcase their expertise and interact with each other. In addition, Beijing's influence as the host for the Fourth World Conference on Women has been enhanced, and the She Loves Tech Global Startup Competition has seen its brand name promoted and its coverage expanded to countries along the Belt and Road. Science and technology innovation has become a stronger bond connecting women from all countries.

The Final of She Loves Tech 2021 Global Startup Competition

The "Empowering Girls with Science and Technology" program for Chinese and foreign young females aims to inspire participants to pursue careers in science and technology through interactive courses and project presentations.

"Empowering Girls with Science and Technology" program improves young women's science and technology literacy

III. Serve Chinese and foreign women and children through signature events

A number of signature events have gained a growing global appeal. One example is the Celebrating International Day of Families Together Beijing, which has been held online or offline over the past three years under the theme of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. It has boosted the public image of the success of the Games at home and abroad, and further promoted the Olympic spirit of "together".

Celebrating International Day of Families Together Beijing 2021

In a family-themed webinar, close to 20 ambassadors and representatives of international organizations in China shared ideas around "Women, Family and Better Life". Chinese and Italian families were invited to share their New Year's Eve dinners and show each other their family cultures to celebrate the 50th anniversary of China-Italy diplomatic relations. Thanks to the "Mulan POWER" Charity Fund for Women's Foreign Exchange, the Nepal Poor Girls Education Assistance Program was launched. Over the past three years, Chinese mothers have sponsored nine Nepalese girls to complete their high school education and helped some of them to pursue education in China. This program was featured in the People's Daily's special collection "Pooling Strength from the Civil Society to Promote Global Development" as the epitome of people-to-people ties in the field of women and children.

Launch of the Nepal Poor Girls Education Assistance Program

IV. Present Beijing's image as a Friendly City through Women's Stories

Efforts have been made to play the role of Her Beijing as an international communication platform and explore diversified communication channels. The BWF's increasingly informative English website has provided a comprehensive picture of the latest achievements in the women's cause in Beijing. The Her Beijing short documentary series featured the work and lives of Chinese and foreign women in Beijing, stories of African women who started their businesses in the city, and how Chinese and foreign families fought against Covid-19 together. "Skilled Women" in Beijing were invited to interact live with online audiences from around the world, teaching them how to make traditional Chinese handicrafts and sharing experiences and insights on how women in the capital have used their own hands to preserve traditional culture and decorate their lives.

Stories of African women starting businesses in Beijing in Her Beijing short documentary series

Skilled Women in Beijing teach handicraft skills to global online audience