Beijing's People-to-People Diplomacy (V): Youth
Date: 2023-03-16
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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Editor's Note: With grass growing and flowers budding in February, warm breeze and gentle sunshine ushers in the prime of Spring. In our previous articles posted in the Spring Festival, we celebrated the achievements in people-to-people diplomacy made by Beijing's social organizations, universities, enterprises, and national associations and chambers. The past three years have also witnessed other wonderful highlights in the fields of youth, women and children, trade promotion, and science and technology. Impressive results have been achieved through a series of activities that showcased the power of young people and the charisma of women, invigorated the economy, and demonstrated the apex of science and technology. Today, let's dive into these vivid stories and explore the exciting and diverse accomplishments of Beijing's people-to-people diplomacy.

2021 "Youth·Olympic" Beijing Sister City Youth Camp

Fully realizing the role of the Communist Youth League (CYL) as a bridge, the CYL Beijing Committee has initiated signature international exchange programs. These programs aim to encourage Beijing's youth to engage in people-to-people diplomacy, increase dialogue with their peers from other countries, and contribute to mutual learning, respect, and trust between China and the outside world.

I. Establish high-quality youth exchange platforms

Building on the cooperation framework between Beijing and its sister cities, efforts have been made to facilitate dialogue and cooperation between Chinese and foreign youth. These efforts aim to raise the international profile of multilateral exchange activities and establish multilateral mechanisms for young people from China and other countries to participate in global governance. The Beijing Sister City Youth Camp has been held for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022, attracting more than 500 young people from over 60 countries. This camp has created a platform for Chinese and foreign youth to get involved in global governance and make their voices heard.

2020 "Youth·Global Governance" Beijing Sister City Youth Camp

In 2020, the Beijing Sister City Youth Camp organized an online sharing event called "Youth·Global Governance", which focused on the responsibilities and actions that youth should take to promote global governance.


In 2021, the Beijing Sister City Youth Camp launched an exchange program under the theme of "Youth·Olympic" to promote the Olympic spirit and create enthusiasm for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games worldwide.


In 2022, the BRICS Youth Summit & 2022 Beijing Sister City Youth Camp was held under the theme of "Building Youth-Development-Oriented Cities, Promoting Common Development of Youth and Cities". During the event, the Joint Efforts to Build a Youth-Development-Oriented City Manifesto of the Youth in Beijing and Its Sister Cities was released to deepen cooperation and build youth-development-oriented cities together.


II. Cultivate ambassadors of friendship with China

The "Future Leader, Youth Ambassador" Global Youth Zhi-Xing China Action Plan was launched to maintain interaction with international students in Beijing's universities. 21 international student communities have been established to expand the group of people who have a positive view of China. The "Future Leader, Youth Ambassador" International Youth Social Practice Summer Camp series events, held for three consecutive years, included social practice that allowed both Chinese and international college students to gain a better understanding of Beijing and develop a stronger affinity for China.

2021 "Future Leader, Youth Ambassador" International Youth Social Practice Summer Camp

In 2021, members of the summer camp visited 35 villages and towns in Beijing and produced five high-quality research reports. These reports significantly contributed to the governance of the capital.


In 2022, the summer camp visited competent authorities, enterprises, universities, and villages to explore topics such as digital economy, intelligent transportation, rural revitalization, and urban planning. Chinese and foreign college students paired up to research these topics and produced four reports, which provided valuable ideas for the capital's development in the new era.


III. Build venues for international interaction among youth

By virtue of CYL's high flexibility and affinity, International Youth Club, Chinese and Foreign Youth Integration Practice Base, and CYL-featured international exchange facilities have been built as part of the efforts to improve Beijing's role as a center for international exchanges in accordance with the Plan of Beijing for Strengthening Its Role as the Center for International Exchanges During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period.


Colorful activities in International Youth Club

Seventeen community youth clubs in 14 districts of Beijing have been upgraded into more internationalized diplomatic venues for young people. These venues are small but beautiful and elegant. The 20 exchange events held annually, such as the International Youth Community Carnival, have opened up a new space for Chinese and foreign youth to seek mutual learning and integrated development.


Eight Chinese and Foreign Youth Integration Practice Bases themed "Future Leader, Youth Ambassador" have been established in various locations, including Beijing Transport Operations Coordination Center (TOCC), Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA), Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) and Siduhe Village in Huairou District. These practice bases integrate social practice resources for Chinese and foreign youth in Beijing and demonstrate multi-level and multi-disciplinary foreign affairs resources.