Beijing's People-to-People Diplomacy (IV): Enterprises
Date: 2023-01-30
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office
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Editor's Note: As spring approaches, the new year is about to begin. Over the past three years, Beijing has carried out Covid-19 response and pursued economic and social development in a well-coordinated way, and also made unremitting efforts in foreign exchanges, especially the people-to-people diplomacy. National industry associations and chambers of commerce based in Beijing, municipal-level social organizations, and municipal universities and enterprises have taken the initiative to adapt to the evolving developments with new approaches, and achieved remarkable results.

Among these achievements are bold actions of standing up for the country to uphold justice, concrete moves of spreading Chinese culture and contributing China's wisdom to global governance, gratifying results of fulfilling social responsibilities to improve people's lives, and the tremendous compassion of reaching out to each other to fight against the Covid-19.

Now, let's take a look at some highlights in this endeavor and work together to write a new chapter of people-to-people diplomacy in Beijing in the year of rabbit.

Fully applying the new development philosophy and fulfilling their social responsibilities overseas, Beijing's enterprises have forged stronger bonds with local communities as they "go global", and won trust and support of local governments and people as advocates of sustainable development.

I. Upgrade skills of local workforce through training

Vocational training was provided to local employees to improve their skills and stimulate relevant industries. For example, Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) has trained a large number of skilled workers in more than 20 countries (regions). Focused training was available in its training base in Angola to help local workers acquire the necessary skills before they were hired. Up to now, thousands of workers have been trained. Subsidiaries of Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd. (SIFANG) in India and the Philippines helped train general management talents for the local communities. It also provided intellectual support and training to ensure the stable operation of power grids and promote local development in Nairobi, Kenya, as represented by on-the-job training for more than 200 local engineers and mechanics to advance Phase I and Phase II of the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) project.

Site Survey by SIFANG in Urban Distribution Network Project in Kenya

Trained Kenyan Mechanics on the Distribution Network Project

II. Integrate into local development and benefit local people

The expanding global presence of Beijing's companies is benefiting more and more foreign residents. Beijing TRT Group is a case in point. With its retail and traditional medical services reaching more than 50 million customers in 28 countries and regions including Thailand and Singapore, it has helped the world to gain a better understanding of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and healthcare. It has also released a guideline in response to Covid-19 for foreign countries, developed country-specific TCM diagnosis and treatment plans, and assisted the Chinese Medicine Task Force of Malaysia (Covid-19) in issuing guidelines on TCM prevention and control for local people.


Country-Specific TCM Diagnosis and Treatment Plans by Beijing TRT Group Based on Local Climate and Medication Habits

With a comprehensive outward investment service network covering 176 countries and regions around the world, Jiang Tai Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (Jiang Tai) has facilitated overseas investment for over 2,000 companies since 2021, thus creating jobs and driving the local economy. The DAJIUXING Global Assistance Service Platform sponsored by Jiang Tai is available in 233 countries and has been included in the "List of Overseas Assistance Medical Resources" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The platform has created more than 3,000 jobs for local communities.


2020 Global Investment Services Forum and Foreign Embassies & Overseas Industrial Parks' Promotion Information Release Hosted by Jiang Tai

China Arab TV (CATV), accessible to nearly 500 million people in 22 countries in West Asia and North Africa, has hosted the "Beijing TV and Film Screening" many times. A number of Chinese TV shows edited and translated by CATV have enriched the intellectual and cultural life of local people, such as Awakening Age -- a huge hit especially with Moroccan netizens, The Great Aerospace, and Singing for Beijing Central Axis, all of which have drawn a large audience in the Arab world.


Quality Chinese TV Shows Edited and Translated by CATV Become a Big Hit in the Arab World

The UK and Mauritius branches of Beijing Construction Engineering Group International (BCEGI) have played an active role in local development through their involvement in community building, cultural activities, and disaster relief and assistance.

BCEGI UK Sponsors and Participates in Manchester Dragon Boat Race

BCEGI Mauritius in Disaster Relief after the 2020 Mauritius Oil Spill

III. Fulfill overseas environmental protection responsibilities and promote local sustainable development

A number of companies have embraced their corporate responsibilities of environmental protection while advancing overseas projects, including Beijing Capital Development Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (BCDH), Capital Group, BAIC Group, Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited (BG), Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (BSIET), Beijing CSSCA Technologies Co., Ltd. (CSSCA), StarTimes, Watchdata, Jangho Group Company Limited (Jangho), Beijing GeoEnviron Engineering & Technology, Inc (BGE), and Oriental Yuhong. In addition to ex-ante environmental risk assessment, they have also taken steps to mitigate environmental damage and promote sustainable development through participation in local sustainable development planning, ecological conservation and improvement, and technical standard innovation.


BGE's Letpadaung Copper Mine Project in Monywa, Myanmar Wins 2020 China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (Overseas Project)