New Sunshine Charity Foundation Signs Memorandum of Cooperation with the WHO
Date: 2022-10-31
Source: The WeChat Official Account of New Sunshine Charity Foundation
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On October 18, the New Sunshine Charity Foundation (NSCF) signed a cooperation agreement with the WHO in support of the overall prevention and control of cancers in developing countries.

It is the first time for the WHO to sign a cooperation agreement in combating tumors with a Chinese non-profit organization, said Ren Minghui, WHO Assistant Director-General, adding that, "I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to sign the agreement with NSCF on behalf of the WHO to help other countries build up their capacities in tumor prevention and treatment. International cooperation is needed for preventing and treating cancer across the globe. We welcome non-governmental organizations and enterprises from both developed and developing countries to work together for cancer prevention and treatment and solve the problem fundamentally. China has a lot to share in this regard. The WHO is looking forward to more engagement of Chinese enterprises and NGOs to contribute more Chinese strength to international cancer prevention and treatment."

Yang Rong, vice chairperson of NSCF, said that the Foundation will have more frequent exchanges with the WHO and continue to support the WHO Global Initiative for Childhood With Cancer to help developing countries shore up their capacity in disease prevention and control for children. It will also join the WHO's surveys on the living conditions of cancer patients to provide data support for countries to formulate relevant policies on treating cancers and caring for cancer patients.

NSCF is a charitable organization focused on healthcare services. The predecessors of the foundation were Sunshine Bone Marrow Registry and Peking University Sunshine Volunteers Association, founded in 2002. NSCF was officially registered with Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in 2009. NSCF has a non-governmental bone marrow donor registry, the only one in China, and is the first non-profit organization in China that funds medical research. In addition, NSCF has established the largest Ward School program in the world to provide comprehensive support for other non-profit organizations, especially medical ones.