Foreign Journalists Visit Mentougou District and Experience Beijing’s High-Quality Green Development
Date: 2023-05-14
Source: Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, Good Morning Beijing
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To implement the theoretical study program of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, as well as Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy and Two Mountains Theory, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality organized a visit to Mentougou District on May 10 for 40 foreign journalists from 35 countries, including Hungary, Serbia and Nigeria. The visit aimed to provide foreign journalists with first-hand experience of Beijing’s high-quality green development, promoting investment attraction and international cooperation in the district.


The first destination on the itinerary was Dongma Mountain Boutique Homestay, nestled amid the picturesque mountains and rivers. The foreign journalists were treated to breathtaking views of the lush mountains and crystal-clear waters of western Beijing. As they savored their coffee, they were serenaded by the melodious sounds of birds and insects. The journalists were enthralled by the enchanting surroundings and couldn’t resist capturing the beauty with their cameras and mobile phones. Mentougou, with its focus on ecological conservation, had successfully transformed dormant residential homes into exquisite boutique homestays, establishing the unique tourism brand known as “Mentougou Courtyards”. This green development model garnered high praise from foreign journalists, who expressed their eagerness to share this model with relevant institutions in their countries for inspiration and guidance.


At Jinyu Coloured Glaze Cultural Creative Industrial Park, the foreign journalists were greeted with a plethora of coloured glaze products and exhibits that showcased the rich history and cultural significance of this art form. Everywhere they looked, they were surrounded by the authentic spatial characteristics and remnants of the industry. Accompanied by informative commentary, the journalists visited coloured glaze exhibition halls and workshops. The transformation of the former royal coloured glaze factory into a modern cultural and creative industrial park embodied the integration of industrial culture and modern technological culture, a unique charm of Chinese culture.



At Beijing Jingdiao Group, the possibilities seemed endless. Journalists witnessed the incredible precision of the technologies, including the ability to carve patterns on eggs, process small holes with a 0.05 mm diameter, and effortlessly produce surgical instruments with razor-sharp edges. Foreign journalists watched the CNC engraving and product demonstrations on site, and exclaimed in amazement at the seamless arrangement. They enthusiastically posed questions, hoping to gain a deeper insight into this “hidden champion” enterprise and seeking opportunities for cooperation with their own country’s enterprises.



Tanko Moofland Park offered journalists an international leisure experience, where they immersed themselves in activities such as mountain bike riding, RV camping, and coffee shops everywhere. They also enjoyed the live performance of Jingxi Taiping Drum Dance, a national intangible cultural heritage item, as well as other Beijing intangible cultural heritage items and traditional crafts such as Palace Embroidery and Hairy Monkey. The seamless integration of traditional culture with modern lifestyles and the remarkable beauty that emerged from green development left a profound impression on the journalists.



Praise from foreign journalists

Auchland, an anchor for Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Services, expressed his sentiment that the picturesque mountains and verdant trees in Mentougou reminded him of his own country. It was also a special experience to see that the vacant factories and warehouses were renovated into homestays.

Francis Pelenah, News Director of Liberia Broadcasting System, said that the environment here was exceptional, with green mountains and clean water, showcasing the concept of green development. He enthusiastically stated that he would recommend Mentougou as a tourism destination to his family and friends. He also expressed his keen interest in introducing the advanced precision processing technology seen at the Beijing Jingdiao Group to his country, hoping to promote the cutting-edge technology in Africa.

A journalist from Serbia’s Vecernje novosti said that he saw the fusion of traditional Chinese culture with modern technology at the Jinyu Coloured Glaze Cultural Creative Industrial Park. Besides, the live performance of the intangible cultural heritage item, Jingxi Taiping Drum Dance, left a deep impression on him.

The “Foreign Journalists Visit Beijing” series of activities were meticulously organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. These activities aim to provide insight into the development of the capital in the new era, the incorporation of the Five Key Initiatives for development into the new development paradigm, and the priorities and highlights of the development of each district. Journalists were invited to visit and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Beijing, seeing Beijing’s growing economic vitality. Ultimately, the activities will create a favorable external environment for economic recovery and development, thus supporting Beijing’s high-quality development.