BMC's "Think Tank" for "Two Zones" Development Adds New Members
Date: 2022-09-12
Source: BMC Daily
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The Beijing Municipal Administrative Center (BMC) "think tank" has added new members. According to the second plenary session of the BMC "Two Zones" Advisory Committee, experts, scholars, industry leaders, and policy strategists have contributed their wisdom for "two zones" development since the Committee was founded last year. This year, as another seven members joined the Advisory Committee, more brilliant ideas will help the BMC in building the "two zones" with high standards and high quality.

Given the evolving industrial structure and the gradual introduction of new business models, there is an urgent need for BMC to introduce high-end resources and harness the wisdom of people from various sectors. Last year, the BMC's Advisory Committee for "Two Zones" Development was established, composed of 45 policy strategists, industry leaders, and senior scholars from universities and research institutions. With its growing "think tank", the BMC is increasingly becoming a pacesetter with higher-level opening-up, stronger international competitiveness, and more balanced regional development.

To meet the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the Committee made recommendations on exploring "zero-carbon" finance and technology industries, and supporting near-zero carbon-emission demonstration projects. In addition, focusing on key sectors such as technology innovation, cultural tourism, business services, and cross-border trade, it proposed to build a global platform for creative design and launch international activities. It also gave full play to BMC's strengths in policy, finance, and human resources to provide suggestions in the long term, such as strengthening green finance by incentives, and establishing a green finance project library to accelerate the financial and green integration. Such brilliant ideas over the past year are conducive to the "two zones" development in the BMC. People from home and abroad were encouraged to visit the BMC so as to pool industrial resources and attract investment. In addition, the committee members have taken part in various activities including BMC Development Forum, "Beijing Theme Day" at China International Fair for Trade in Services, and the Global Asset Management Forum to further enhance BMC's visibility and influence.

Furthermore, in order to enhance the role of "think tank", the committee has subdivided its institutions based on BMC's positioning and explored the possibility of a professional committee. It's noted that, for the attainment of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, related departments such as Beijing Wuzi University, Institute of Finance and Sustainability, China Beijing Green Exchange, PwC, and Bank of China, jointly initiated the Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Professional Committee, to accelerate the construction of the national green development demonstration zone. Moreover, it is seeking to build professional committees in other areas such as towns with distinctive features to support the development of such towns in BMC.

It is learned that this year, seven experts and leading figures in fields such as technology innovation, economics, finance, culture and arts have joined the BMC "Two Zones" Advisory Committee. They will contribute their expertise and efforts to the BMC with the most cutting-edge theories, insightful observations and valuable solutions. Such efforts will spread good practices and display a positive image of BMC in its "two zones" development, jointly writing a thriving new chapter of BMC in the new era.

(Reporter: Liu Wei)