The First-Store Measures 3.0 Released, Raising Financial Support to Seven Figures
Date: 2022-03-15
Source: Beijing Youth Daily
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As the 2022 Beijing "Consumption Season" kicked off on March 1st, Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau officially released on March 11th the Measures to Promote the High-quality Development of the First-Store and First-Launch Economy (known as the "First-Store Measures 3.0"). Xue Haitao, Level II Inspector of Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, said that upgrading first-store policy will further stimulate the initiative and creativity of market entities, fine-tune new consumption supply and tap new consumption strengths and potential, thus contributing to building Beijing into a global consumption hub.

The "First-Store Measures 3.0" was jointly drafted by Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management, Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, Beijing Municipal Fire and Rescue Corps, Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center and Beijing Customs. It includes eight measures in four parts, a) establishing a supporting service system to help big brands launch their first branch and new products, b) providing support to big brands in establishing their first store in Beijing, c) building a global new product release and debut platform for big brands, d) and assisting commercial brands in establishing headquarters in Beijing. 

Xue introduced that the "First-Store Measures 3.0" was refined in aspects such as comprehensive policy implementation and financial support. There are new supportive measures and upgrades.

The new measures are:

Support for customs clearance of new clothing products. On top of the previous supportive measures for brands to launch and operate their stores in Beijing, including site selection, registration, fire control acceptance, billboard installation, protection of the exclusive right of registered trademark owners, and safety management of promotional events that require no permits, a system for accepting the inspection results of new garment products from third parties will be established to speed up the customs clearance for new products of fashion brands.

Support for commercial brands to establish industry demonstration headquarters. Commercial brands that operate in Beijing in branches are encouraged to set up independent legal entities in Beijing.  Those who meet the standards for industry demonstration headquarters will be treated as headquarters enterprises, with financial and policy support provided.

Support for new concept stores. Apart from supporting brands to launch their first store in Asia, first store in Chinese Mainland, first store in Beijing and the flagship store, new support will be given to new concept stores. Eligible new concept stores can enjoy a maximum financial support of one million yuan.

The upgrades include:

The maximum financial support for retail brands opening first and flagship stores in Beijing will be raised from 500,000 yuan to one million yuan.

The ratio of government support for domestic brands to launch their first retail stores in Beijing will increase from 20% of the project's total verified actual investment to 50% of the amount.

The maximum financial support for encouraging famous brands both home and abroad to hold new fashion product launch events in Beijing will be raised from one million yuan to two million yuan.