Why Hasn't Beijing Loosened its Epidemic Control Measures?

Nationwide COVID-19 control efforts have achieved initial results, but the turning point is yet to come. We can neither tell for sure how the epidemic may further develop nor rule out its possibility of recurrence. The situation remains severe and complex, allowing no room for laxity. Beijing, as one of the main battlefields of the epidemic together with Hubei Province, continues to impose stringent control measures not because the situation has gone out of control, but because the capital holds itself to the highest standard and the strictest discipline. 

We urge everyone to:

● Stop going out unless absolutely necessary and wear a mask when going out;

● Refrain from gathering, attending parties and visiting relatives and friends;

● Comply with management measures when entering and leaving your residential community and cooperate in body temperature checks and registration;

● If you drop your guard and get careless, everyone’s efforts will be futile.

To win this battle against COVID-19, we must keep up the hard work!

Source: Beijing Daily