Updated List of Hospitals with Fever Clinics in Beijing

Starting from 0:00 a.m., February 22nd, 2020 (Saturday), 76 hospitals in Beijing will open fever clinics, among which 74 will provide 24-hour services.

Please take note of the addresses of fever clinics in your district and check your health conditions regularly. If you have symptoms like fever (body temperature above 37.3℃), dry cough and sore throat, inform the authorities of your residential community and seek immediate medical help at a nearby fever clinic. It is advised to  seek treatment at the same clinic. Protect yourself on the way to and during your stay in the clinic by wearing a facial mask and avoiding touching public facilities.  Follow doctor’s instructions during treatment. Wash your hands after you have left the hospital.

The following is a list of 76 hospitals with fever clinics in Beijing.

Source: Beijing Daily