Foreign Nationals in Beijing Getting Vaccinated!
来源:Beijing Foreign Affairs Office

Since the launch of COVID-19 vaccination for foreign nationals in Beijing, all districts and departments have taken active actions to carry out appointment registrations and implementation in an orderly way. Under the premise of "voluntary application, informed consent and assumption of risks", lots of foreign nationals have signed up for vaccination and experienced the speed and warmth of Beijing.

Vaccination Site in Dongcheng District

Vaccination Site in Xicheng District

Vaccination Site in Chaoyang District

Vaccination Site in Haidian District

Vaccination Site in Fengtai District

Vaccination Site in Shijingshan District

Vaccination Site in Mentougou District

Vaccination Site in Tongzhou District

Vaccination Site in Shunyi District

Vaccination Site in Changping District

Vaccination Site in Pinggu District

Vaccination Site in Economic-Technological Development Area

Vaccination Site in Beijing Institute of Technology

Voices of Foreign Nationals Vaccinated in Beijing

Guenter Wehrle, a German employee of Bayer Healthcare Company Limited, said, "the whole process from queuing up to getting the jab is well-organized, and the staff are all very friendly! I feel great!"

Guenter Wehrle (Germany):"I feel great!"

Kudelya Yuriy from Ukraine said in not too fluent Chinese: "I work near Huilongguan and heard from my colleague that I could get the COVID-19 vaccine here, so I came after making an appointment online. It feels good to get vaccinated."

Kudelya Yuriy (Ukraine): "I came after a successful online appointment registration."

Tayyab, a 2017 PhD student at the School of Materials, Beijing Institute of Technology from Pakistan, said, "I would like to take this opportunity to first express my sincere gratitude to the Chinese government and the university for providing a safe living environment for international students to the best of their capabilities during the epidemic. I think the university always treats Chinese and foreign students equally, and I am incredibly happy that we are able to receive the COVID-19 vaccination at school this time. I was also impressed by the professionalism of the medical staff and the highly efficient way in which the international students’ administration office communicated with us throughout the vaccination period. I wish all international students the best of luck in their studies, and I wish they do their best to contribute to the development of China and the university."

Tayyab (Pakistan): "I am very happy to be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccination at school."

Tao Tian, a 2018 undergraduate student in the School of Computer Science at Beijing Institute of Technology from Bangladesh, said, "Finally, I don't have to be afraid of the COVID-19 anymore! I was not afraid when I got vaccinated today, but instead I was filled with a sincere sense of pride. Chinese vaccines are safe, reliable, and trustworthy, and they will be an important shield for people against the virus. For the sake of oneself, one’s family and country, I also urge unvaccinated students to be inoculated as soon as possible!"

Tao Tian (Bangladesh): "Chinese vaccines are safe, reliable and trustworthy"

List of Vaccination Sites for Foreign Nationals in Beijing