Nucleic Acid Test within 72 Hours of Entry Required in Beijing from January 22


The stealthy, fast-spreading Omicron variant is now the dominant strain of Covid-19 circulating in the world. To ensure earlier detection and control of its risks, on top of the previous policy, which requires travelers to provide a negative result of nucleic acid test taken 48 hours ahead of entry and a green code on "Beijing Health Kit", nucleic acid test within 72 hours of entry is required starting on January 22 to the end of March, 2022, except for commuters to Beijing, who may continue to follow existing policies for commuting. The test results can be verified through the nucleic acid testing database and be shown on the "Beijing Health Kit". A notice will pop up if you fail to take the tests as required, which may affect your travel and daily life. Please follow the latest alerts and text message notifications on Covid-19, observe Covid-related regulations, report to your community (village), employer or hotel upon arrival in Beijing, and comply with Covid-19 containment measures, such as nucleic acid tests and health monitoring. Those who fail to report their travel or cooperate with relevant anti-Covid measures will be held legally accountable if severe consequences happen.


At present, there are 316 nucleic acid testing sites and 44 institutions offering 24-hour nucleic acid testing services in all 16 districts of Beijing, which are subject to changes, suiting the needs of our citizens. We will constantly expand the service coverage, extend the service hours and update the digital map of the service facilities, so that more people who wish or need to be tested can have easier and faster access to the testing services. If you plan to take a nucleic acid test, it is recommended that you book an appointment in advance by phone or through WeChat official accounts before going to the testing site. This will reduce your waiting time and minimize crowding. Let us join hands to protect our home against Covid-19.