Direct International Flights to Beijing to Be Gradually Resumed
Date: 2020-09-03
Source: Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government
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Starting from September 3rd, direct international commercial passenger flights to Beijing will be resumed in an orderly manner.

Before departure:

1.Priority will be given to low-risk countries and countries that have imposed nucleic acid testing before departure. The direct international commercial flights to Beijing from Cambodia, Greece, Denmark, Thailand, Pakistan, Austria, Canada and Sweden will be among the first to be resumed. The very first flight to be resumed will be the one to Beijing from Phnom Penh of Cambodia operated by Air China on September 3rd.

2.Other inbound flights to Beijing will still be diverted to designated first points of entry.

3.The total number of passengers entering Beijing each day will be controlled. During the trial operation phase, the daily number of passengers on direct flights (including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region) and charter flights is capped at about 500. After the trial operation, the number of flights will be gradually adjusted to no more than four to five each day with about 1,000 passengers and crew.

4.In principle, passengers on direct international flights to Beijing should be citizens of the countries and regions where the flights are from and Chinese citizens in those places. People from third countries are strictly prohibited from entering the ports of Beijing by transiting from those countries and regions.

5.“Four categories of people” (confirmed cases, suspected cases, people with fever, and close contacts of confirmed cases), passengers without a negative nucleic acid test result, and those whose body temperature exceeds the normal standard will not be allowed to board the plane.

Upon arrival:

1.After arriving in Beijing, all international flights will land in the T3-D special area of the Beijing Capital International Airport. Passengers will go through customs clearance, inspection, nucleic acid testing, etc. in this area, and will then be transported to designated facilities by special-purpose vehicles for a 14-day medical observation and another two nucleic acid tests. 

2.The designated observation facilities for overseas arrivals are set up outside the Fifth Ring Road. Except for couples and children who need care, all the arrivals will live separately in single rooms.

3.Passengers detected with fever and respiratory symptoms shall be transferred to medical institutions for further screening and treatment as required by health and emergency management rules.

4.Those who live in Beijing need to report their current status, address, flight information, itinerary and other arrangements to their community (village) authorities before their return. They should also learn about the current policy on isolated medical observation.

After isolated medical observation:

1.Certificates for the test result and the completion of the observation shall be issued to those whose nucleic acid test result is negative. Those who have been tested positive for the virus, who have fever or respiratory symptoms, and who have been identified as close contacts should be transferred to designated hospitals immediately. The whole process will be under closed-loop management.

■Those returning to their community (village) in Beijing should undergo another 7-day health monitoring. 
■Those staying in hotels should present a negative nucleic acid test result and a certificate for the completion of medical observation, declare the reason for entering Beijing, register a contact person in the city, and comply with the health regulations of the hotel.

2.Having recovered and discharged from the hospital, those who are infected with COVID-19 shall be taken to a designated hotel by an ambulance for a 14-day isolated medical observation, and the quarantine shall be lifted if they have no symptoms and are tested negative on the end of the observation.

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